Can't create item: Group not found

I make a query:
{"query":"query request($limit:Int $page:Int) { boards(limit: $limit, page: $page) { id name columns {id title settings_str} groups { id title } }}","variables":{"limit":100,"page":1}}

I get a successful response. Among response data I have “groups” section. This section started exactly like this:

"groups":[{"id":"flexible_staffing_of_georgia","title":"Flexible Staffing of Georgia"}

Afterwards I try to create item. In query below I have replaced real data on “…”. In real case there placed correct data.

{"query":"mutation request($boardId:Int! $groupId:String $name:String $column_values:JSON) { create_item (board_id: $boardId, group_id: $groupId, item_name: $name, column_values: $column_values) { id } }","variables":{"boardId":...,"groupId":"flexible_staffing_of_georgia","name":"...","column_values":"{\"...\":1000}"}}

In the end I get response with 404 code which says:
{"error_code":"ResourceNotFoundException","status_code":404,"error_message":"Group not found","error_data":{"resource_type":"group","group_id":"flexible_staffing_of_georgia","board_id":...,"error_reason":"store.monday.automation.error.missing_group"}}

But the group exists. This is the same id I got in response of first query.
This is second time when I faced this issue today with different groups.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve just faced the same issue with another group.
Items for group I had troubles before (flexible_staffing_of_georgia), this time were created successfully

Hello there @Volodymyr!

Are you sure you are using the right board ID?

If so, what happens if you try this in your API Playground?

Interesting- I’m not aware of a way to customize the Group’s unique ID. For me they get generated by Monday upon creation in the format of ‘new_group12345’.

When you run this query against your board id, does it really show as “flexible_staffing_of_georgia”?

{ boards (ids: ##########) { groups { id } } }

Hi @Matias.Monday !

It’s for sure I use the same ID. This error appears from time to time. I can’t reproduce it when I want, but I observed it during development. There are couple of point which may help you with investigation:

  1. During development I was using free account;
  2. Board which I upload contains of few hundreds of groups each of them contains ~15 - ~20 items;
  3. Creation of each group and each item I did in separate request. I.e. If I have to create group with 20 items I will do 21 request to Monday.

I think if you create similar scenario, you will face this error.

Hi @jsararas
You are correct about auto generation of IDs. I don’t know how it was earlier, but now it seems IDs for groups are generated based on Name you pass while create group.

Ahh you’re creating the item via API. Yes I see now it does work the way you describe. Good to know!

Can you double check you’re declaring your $BoardId variable correctly as Int! or does it need to be [Int]

Hello @Volodymyr!

May I please ask you to let me know about the next time this happens and send me a timestamp:

  • Day
  • Hour
  • Minute
  • Location

Of when the query fails, to

Hi @Matias.Monday!

I sent email
ticket id:#2079697

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