Can't dock Embed Everything widget in Dashboard

Hi! I’m trying to dock the Embed Everything widget, however the Dock this Widget option is unavailable and says “Docking is only possible when theres a single widget on the dashboard”, even tho the Embed everything widget is the only one I have on the dashboard.

Very interesting @paupau. You can dock this in a dashboard view on a board but not in a Dashboard object as you’ve shown. @BiancaT are you able to assist? This seems like a bug.



Thank you @mark.anley for looping me in! I have reached out to our product team about this as I can reproduce this same behaviour on cross-board dashboards. It seems you’re able to dock the widget on board dashboards, so it could be that cross-board dashboard functionality is still in early release mode… I will circle back when I get a reply! Thanks in advance for your patience :pray:

It’s a really pity!
I need my widgets organized as I need it.
Please inform me when this gets solved.

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