Can't find an email/notify automation that is occurring on board

Hello Community. Help please . There is an automation on a board that is occurring and I do not see it anywhere, and I need to delete it. It’s a notify/email automation. I searched the board automations and the automation activity. Any thoughts on how I can find it?

hi @AlliancePM

Welcome to the community. Are you sure this comes from an automation? In your board you can click automations (top right) and if there is nothing there it’s not from an automation. Monday has also builtin notifications which can be switched on/off in avatar > my profile > notifications.

Thank you for the reply! I’m positive it came from an automation because it was an email sent to a client, based upon info in this one board. This is the only board that I am actively using and the only board that includes my clients’ email addresses. I do have a list of automations on this board - 3 screenshots here. But this specific email notification is not shown.

Ohh, that is weird. Can you see anything in the board’s activity log > automations activity. Are there any integrations added to the board?

No integrations activity and it does’t appear on the automations activity. Thank for the help, you helped me to search all the possible locations. :grinning:
It must just be a weird glitch. I’ve been playing around with the board quit a bit and I do recall creating it…just weird I cannot see it. I think I’ll just rebuild the board.