Can't pass "challenge" while trying to connect webhook with Lambda

I receive a message from Monday : “URL don’t return solution”

I have Lambda function on Python:

def lambda_handler(event, context):
    body_str = event.get("body", "{}")
    body_str = body_str if body_str else "{}"
    body_obj = json.loads(body_str)
    a = body_obj.get("challenge", "")
    print({"challenge" :a})
    return {"challenge" :a}

My Cloud Logs show that what I return looks like that

And I suppose that is correct solution. At least I’ve tried everything I know.

Can you help me, maybe I returning it in a wrong way

Hi @Valeriia,

I see that you also emailed into appsupport@! I’m happy to continue the conversation there and provide updates once we’ve settled on a solution.


For all future readers: this issue has been resolved!

The problem seems to have been an extra space " " after the challenge key, before the challenge token.

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