Change status when any column changes to a status

Can anyone help me, we have an ‘Overall status’ for our Marketing workload board, which has all the stages that a job can be at. Ones like ‘On hold’ or ‘Stuck’ appear in multiple columns eg. Brief, Copy, Design.

Would I have to add them all individually as automations or is there a way to say…

if any of a set of columns changes to ‘Stuck’ change the ‘Overall status’ column to stuck

Until “OR” logic (which is supposed to be coming) is added to custom automations I think adding them individually would be the easiest way.

You could use a webhook to call a third party integration (like Integromat) to query the board, and check all the status columns. But unless columns are constantly being added or you want to somehow enable this for lots of boards, it would be WAY more work IMO.

Hey @streety, like @JCorrell mentioned, adding an automation for each stage/status column would be the way to go to make sure that the “Overall status” column changes to stuck if any of the stages do.

We have recently opened multiple actions in custom automations, currently only with an AND function, but an OR function should be coming soon :blush:

1 Like, I’m assuming that when you say “multiple actions” that you are talking about additional criteria in the trigger section. Does that mean that true multiple actions are coming soon too?

@JCorrell, that’s right! I meant additional criteria in the trigger section. I just looked at our roadmap and I didn’t see anything about multiple actions (meaning the ones that are triggered) coming soon; that being said, I know that the autopilot team has been working a ton on custom automations. Would there be a set or series of multiple actions that would be particularly useful to you?

LOL, if you are addressing me… off the top of my head, no. I have no idea what I did yesterday. Once I figure out how to get a task accomplished, I do it then move on (or right it down to come back tomorrow.) That being said, once OR logic and multiple actions are available I do plan on reviewing what we have and trying to simplify things. We had to do some tricky things (like adding status columns that mean nothing to humans) to get things to work sometimes. The OR logic alone will help tons.

P.S. It would be great if there was some way (like a report) to see all the automations and integrations that I own.

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