Change the dependency type


I am trying to have some tasks be dependent on each other - I have set up the column and so far it’s working okay. However, the dependency is current Start to FInish (pink below) now instead of Finish to Start (green below). How do I change this?


Hey @lucialopez,

Just to clarify - in aligning with the finish to start dependency type, you’d essentially like to ensure that task 2 can only start after task 1 has finished - correct?

If this is the case, can I ask if this recipe below would help in achieving this?

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 2.46.10 pm

Let me know :slight_smile:

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Hey Bianca!

This helps a bit, however, the dates I am using are in the subitems and it’s not letting me use those in the recipe,


Thanks for getting back to me. You’re correct - I can see that the subitem date column isn’t currently supported for these 2 recipes:

I have followed up with our Product team about this and will circle back here once they get back to me :pray:

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Hey Lucia, just an update from our Product team - at this stage subitem support in the aforementioned recipes isn’t currently on our immediate roadmap. We encourage you to submit this as a feature request to increase visibility and votes. Every quarter we take the features with the top votes to our development team for a response. The more votes the better! :pray: