Chart Setting: Exclude something from showing without filtering out all instances

We have a chart in a dashboard with all people on our team and the number of deliverables each has completed. However, we sometimes have multiple people, sometimes from other teams, in the People column that this chart is based on that I don’t want to show in the chart. If I apply a Filter to exclude any instances, those items are also removed from the count for other people involved.

For example, in the screenshot below, I don’t want Rob (3rd from left) to show, but he’s in the People column with other people that I want counted. If I filter Rob out, I also lose the 21 items he worked on that are also showing in the counts of myself, Kandra, Stephen, etc. I’d like to put a chart-only filter on to hide him.

I would also really appreciate this Filter. I have a similar problem with summing the statuses. I would like to remove the ‘Empty’ and ‘Done’ categories.

I would love to see this feature as well. I have a pie chart where I want to show all status categories except. one.