"Filter by Person" feature in table view

Dear all, we use the table dashboard with the integrated “Filter by Person” view to show the person’s tasks. However, we use a 2nd column with a person column to keep people informed. This should however not be filtered by the quick “Filter by Person” button.
Is it possible to chose which people column this filter filters?
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Hi @Robin1
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Instead of using the People quick access filter, you may be better using the actual filter option on your chart that way you will be able to decide which people column you want to filter on

Instead of using the person option
Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 07.52.11

Use the actual filter
Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 07.52.27

You can save the filter options to the table chart if required and you can also use the Me dynamic option which will automatically display for the person that is logged in only their pulses

Hope this provides what you need
If you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to let me know
Many thanks in advance

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Dear Dan,
Thank you for your quick reply. Understood, that this would be an option. For our application it is a bit cumbersome, as we’ve set up a separate table for each team (with pre-defined actual person filter with all team members) and the quick filter helped to scan through the team members.
If the actual filters are going to be changed, then this structure with the team view gets changed…
Is it possible to create a people column which does not get quick filtered?
Thank you and best wishes, Robin

Hi @Robin1
If i’m understanding correctly you are currently using the people filter to filter down to team level then using the Quick people filter to further filter to individual, but because you have 2 people columns the quick filter is including the 2nd column of people, You cant change the structure of the filter you currently have as this is used to determine the team.

If the above is correct, there is potentially a way around it,
If you have a formula column using If statements to determine the team instead, you can set the filter to the team, freeing up the ability to use the filter on the person column as needed

Using an if formula to determine the team
(Downside, if new team member are invited to Monday.com you need to add them to the formula)

IF({Person}=“Dan Ingham”,“Design Team”,IF({Person}=“DI - Test Member 4”,“Admin Team”,IF({Person}=“DI - Test Member 3”,“Finance Team”,IF({Person}=“DI - Test Member 1”,“Design Team”,IF({Person}=“”,“”)))))

Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 08.58.51

With this in place you can then filter by team on your tables
Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 08.58.31

Because you are filtered by team as a saved preset to your table, you are then free to use the people filter.
You may well also be able to use the quick people filter instead as intended as the 1st level of filter to team is focused on your 1st people column, so in theory the quick filter should only pull back people focused on your 1st people column
Screenshot 2022-11-24 at 08.58.36

If you just wanted to use 1 table you can filter between teams and people as needed just using the 1 table

Hope this helps and makes sense
Let me know
Many thanks Dan

Dear Dan,
Thanks alot this is a great input. The work around with the team formula will faciliate the whole board. I will try to implenment it and if i have further questions i will come back to you.
Best regards

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No Problem at all Robin,
Just to also note it will only work if there is just 1 person assigned to the people column
Many thanks