Chart view average when using group by


I’m using the chart view (bar) to create an overview of billability % per month. With the new group by feature on the chart this should be easy, only problem is that in the chart the totals are summed by month in this case and not averaged by month what you would typically want for this use case.

Anyone has any ideas how to solve this?



Hi @JorneD

Could you send over an example of the board you’re using as a screenshot and the chart view too? I can’t promise this is going to be something we can solve but want to take a closer look to make sure I understand the use case fully!


Attached a screenshot of a part of the board and the matching chart view. You will see that we have created items which contain the number of billable days on a specific client. We want to aggregate these numbers to a month level using the chart view.

Quick translation of the columns:
Person ==> the employee
Maandag week ==> contains the date of the monday of the relevant week. We added this to be able to group in the chart
D/W ==> number of billable days per week (max = 5)

Thank you!

I think you’re looking to show the average billable hours % per month instead of the total so e.g. in September, you want the average of those 6 entries, rather than a sum?

Right now, this function doesn’t exist but we can pass on the feedback to the team looking after the charts.

Did I understand right?

It’s actually average billable days, but indeed, that’s the functionality that we are aiming for. The % would be a nice add-on, but that can be achieved by using a formula column in the board as well.

Right, got it! Ok thanks! Will pass this along!