Chart based on numbers Sum / total

i have a simple bar chart that shows spend against budget by month.
i then have a number of these charts for different categories (i.e a group).

what i now want to do is show the annual total for each category in one chart.
for this i want to pull the SUM total only from each group, but can’t seem to see how that is acheived.

Any advice gratefully received.

Hi Beck,

I think this should be doable!
If you create a new Chart, with the following settings:
Type = Bar (or Stacked, if you want to view the data broken down into chunks, e.g. per month)
X Axis = Group (e.g. your Categories)
Y Axis = Budget (assuming this is a numerical field) >>> Calculation Function = SUM
Finally, Choose Groups = All Groups (or select the ones you want to show on the chart)

The setup should look something like this:

All the best,

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thank you so much. this is really kind of you