Checkbox Automation. Move in and out of Group Based on Checkbox Value

I have a small automation when a user clicks on the TOP Checkbox control the PULSE must be moved to the TOP ITEMs group, however, I’ve been unable to move OUT of the Top Items Group when the checkbox is Unchecked.

IS there a way to check for that condition?

My Current automation reads
When Top changes move item to Top Items

Hi @Topio,

Am I correct in assuming that this is a custom integration recipe you’ve built?

Do you mind providing us with a video of what you have set up so far (as well as the action that you’re seeing) so that I can better understand your context?

Followup question: where would this item be moving to after being unchecked? Back to the group from which it came?



I want to move to the group when the checkbox is activated

And move back when it is removed

(Attachment meetingrec_0.mp4 is missing)

Hi @Topio - Looks like the video you tried to attach didn’t come through on your last post. The challenge is that the “when X changes, do Y” type automation treats any change as valid, so it will always move the item to Top Items, whether you check or uncheck the column.

The best way around this until monday․com allows automation based on the value of a checkbox is to use Integromat to watch the column, and then take the action you would like.

@Topio, no column types are as fully supported as the status columns.

I would suggest changing your checkbox to a status column. Then you can use

But, if you have to stick with checkbox, listen to @PolishedGeek.


I was almost successful on integromat, I closed a dialog on the initial tutorial and coud not move forward after that. I will change to a status column.

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