Checkbox column actions and conditional in custom automations

We just got groups as conditions (yay!) thanks!

But now it would be great if we could have “only if checkbox is checked” and “only if checkbox is not checked” as criteria.

Checkboxes are simple Booleans, and are obvious candidates for conditionals.

At the same time we have no way to manipulate a checkbox as an automation action either. so a “Set checkbox to checked/unchecked” action for automations would be great too.

Beyond the obvious uses of checking items off, or saying a step is completed. Here is an example I have in mind for a more complicated workflow:

When _button_ clicked
only if _checkbox1_ is not checked.
and only if _status1_ is _StatusLabel1_
set _checkbox1_ to _checked_
set _status2_ to _Waiting_
assign _person_ to _people_
create _item_ in _board_ and link items.
set _status1_ to _StatusLabel2_
move item to _Step 2_
set _checkbox1_ to _unchecked_

This way, if someone clicks button, first thing that happens is the checkbox gets set. That way, if someone clicks button again before all of the steps are done running, it doesn’t trigger. Since the create and link item action needs to copy the status1 value to the new item, it cannot be changed until after the new item is created. But it also cannot be used as a filter.

There are myriad ways to work around this of course, but checkboxes are the simplest value type, and this would be allow consistent pattern.

Really the above is a hack to act as essentially a thread lock, to handle the currently high latency on automations at certain times of day. (A similar automation this morning was taking in excess of 45 seconds to complete…). Solving the latency issue would of course negate this need. Trying to convince users to just sit and wait hoping it catches up sometime doesnt work… they just keep clicking expecting something to happen.