Checkbox comparison with IF Formula

Hi, I am having difficulty getting this statement to calculate correctly. I have two sets of checkboxes that are mirrored from other boards. The calculation is trying to match the two checkbox columns and indicate Required if both are checked and Not Required if not. All items are showing as Required even though both are not checked. Please advise on what I am missing here. I tried to find the answer from other questions without any luck.

IF(AND({Documents All},{Employee All}),“Required”,“Not Required”)

Hey @kringlebear - the formula should work as you have it designed. Is the mirroring from a connect board column that is connected to multiple boards? This could be where the issue is.


the formula is checking if both “Documents All” and “Employee All” are true (checked). If so, it returns “Required”, otherwise it returns “Not Required”.

If all items are showing as “Required”, it might be because both “Documents All” and “Employee All” are checked for all items.

You can verify this by checking the status of these two checkboxes for each item. If my assumption is correct, you might need to adjust your data or your formula to get the desired result.

For example, if you want to indicate “Required” only when both “Documents All” and “Employee All” are checked for the same item, you might need to adjust the formula to take this into account.