Checkbox multi-select in WorkForms

I’d love to have a checkbox-select view on my WorkForm (equivalent to SurveyMonkey checkboxes) which feeds into the dropdown column. Currently the only view possible is multi-select, which looks like a normal monday dropdown column. I want my users to see all of the available options and select from them, rather than having to scroll through a list of dropdown options.

Hey @movement_monday

Nachliel from (Easyapps)[] here

Our our app Easyform can show the dropdown column as checkbox’s as you can see below with the “Subscribe to newsletters” column in the form:

main gif easyform

Read more about adjusting you dropdown column in our (comprehensive documentation site.)[]

You can contact us at, and we also provide (free training sessions)[Calendly - Easyform for] if you need one.


I agree. The current set-up is a very poor UI.

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I would like this option too - without paying $300 a year for this feature.

The checkbox approach and multiple choice selection similar to Google Forms please!