WorkForm Graphics

While being super handy, the WorkForm could be much more comfortable for end user that uses mobile (almost all of them uses mobile).

I have 2 suggestions:

  1. Making the single choice question a “standard” single choice, with radio buttons and all answers already visible, just like it appears in the editor.
    the drop down configuration that appears today is annoying and not helping the form filling flow (also the keyboard keeps popping when choosing an answer)


  1. The general font is too small for my tatse,
    there should be an option to choose font size as well.
    In the same context, the rating column is very inconveniently small both on desktop and especially on mobile. Making it larger is a must (and very easy).
    With a very basic CSS coding I made it more finger friendly
    rating font

Hey @einavpeleg

Nachliel from Easyapps here

Our monday app form builder Easyform enables you to turn a dropdown question into a single select and display the options as radio buttons:
dropdown settings

In addition to that, we support responsive styling in order for you form to look better on small screens. For example we can have each question inhabit a full row and enlarge the field size:
phone settings

Regardless, if you are interested in creating styled forms that better match your brand and embed perfectly in you web page you can check out our monday app Easyform and our extensive documentation site.

You can set up a free demo here or contact us at

Here is an example of our form in action:
main gif easyform

I hope this helps