Checklists on desktop and mobile

I just noticed this today. Seems it is not possible to edit Checklists on the Android mobile app, only mark Checklist items as done/not done or delete the Update containing the Checklist.
Am I/is my phone going mad or is this correct? Is this also true on iOS? (I’m a former iOS user but can’t remember if it’s possible on iPhone or not).

I have been creating my own Community (with a free Monday Course being a WIP) and just published this post on how to add and use the Checklist feature - GroupApp
I would love it if you could take a peek and give me your honest feedback. cheers, Patrick

Hey Patrick!

Myself and a few colleagues have tested this behaviour on our end and it appears that it is possible to edit checklists on iOS however not Android I am afraid - I apologise for the setback here!

We encourage you to submit this as a feature request to increase votes and visibility to put greater emphasis on its need :pray: