Clear timeline as deadline when item moved to group

Hi all,
I have a workflow where i set a job for someone to do. Once they mark subitems as done it changes Status to Complete and moves it to group Completed.
I have a timeline setup as deadline on the job so i can be notified when the task is overdue and can see as a date range for staffing and project management.
What i want is that when it moves to the completed group i no longer get overdue notifications.
In a perfect world i would then have another automation that would assign a date 1 week in advance to remind me to check the job has been invoiced.
Is this possible?

Hey @pezzz, thanks for posting about this!

To clarify, do you have an automation set up to notify you when the task is overdue? If so, I would recommend adjusting the automation so that it only applies to the non-completed tasks. You can write into and we can help you with this.

You can use this automation to get an automation 1 week before or after the job has been completed to check that the job has been invoiced.

You can adjust the parts of this recipe so that you don’t get the notification on the date, but at times before or after the dates:

Hi and thanks for the response. I setup recipe instead to say when timeline is past and status is not done then notify … then replicated for status not complete and status not ready to invoice.
This will work for now i think