Update Timelines once Past Due based on Status

Is there a way to update a timeline automatically if the dependency timeline is past due and not in status=Done?

Hi Crystal,

I have an approach to this. It’s a little complex, but it does work quite reliably.

Here are my automations:

And here is my board:

How it works
We use the (or a) Status column to track not only the done items but also the “Ready” (or “In Progress”) item(s) and any that are “Queued” (i.e. dependent on the currently Ready/In Progress—you could call this “Up Next”).

The automations make sure that an Queued item is always pushed along a day. It’s an approach that avoids letting an overdue task off the hook while creating a realistic expectation for tasks further down the dependency chain.

NOTE: I should qualify that I haven’t tested this with monday.com’s new dependency column, which you can see in the screenshot.