Dependency column attachments


Is there a way to attach dependencies to the status column instead of only attaching to dates, or a date column?

If not, will this become a feature?
I wish that the dependencies can attach to a date or a status.

Could you provide a description of how you would use this?

Having use cases goes a long way toward getting features implemented.

What problem are you trying to solve?
How will this help solve it?

So instead of the dependency solely depending on the due date, it can depend on status too. So let’s say there is a task that needs to be completed in order for me to do my task. I will not be alerted about my task until the previous task is marked complete in the status column. I think that makes the dependency feature more user friendly.

Gotcha, so you’re looking at a feature that only makes a task available to work on once its predecessor is complete to enforce task ordering, or at least silence upcoming tasks until predecessors are done.

@basdebruin I’m pinging you here since you are probably the most in tune with whats possible today in this domain - and what could be done.

Correct. It doesn’t even have to necessarily silence the future tasks either but I think that it’s better than relying on status vs. due date.

Thank you for your support on this!

You can add a dependency column to your board without selecting a date or timeline column and pick “No action”, like:

You can also add a prebuild automation that changes a status in de dependent item when the status changes to something (see dependencies category)


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Okay. I will try this out.
I still think that allowing it to depend on a status update would be more user friendly vs figuring out an automation.

but Thank you for the support on this!

I think what the original poster is looking for (and myself…) is the opposite: when the status of a dependency changes, then change my item’s status.

This is the more useful case for moving tasks along (when a predecessor task changes to DONE then mark the current task as READY or IN PROGRESS).

I’m also interested in using this in a totally different use case (see the template RAID Log from Monday):
When a Risk Item is dependent upon a Decision Item, mark the Risk Item as SUBMITTED or READY TO REVIEW when the depended upon Decision Item is marked as DONE.

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In that case can’t you reverse the dependency? A is dependent on B becomes B is dependent on A?

Yes - that works. We can only influence/set the status, but I’ve labeled it “May Influence” (rather than “Dependent On”) as the column to point from the DECISION to the RISK. Thanks!