Missing dependency for changing a status column

Hey All :slight_smile:
I have 2 columns - 1 is a status column and the 2nd is a date column
I want the every time I go to change the status column to Y (a green status) - It won’t let me change it until I fill in a date in a specific column.

It more of a dependency then an automation.
Is there a way to do that?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @inbar - Welcome to the community! Is the date likely to be the same day that they are changing the Status column? Or another date entirely?

You cannot force column dependencies between each other as you described. But if the date is usually the same day that the person changes the status, I’d simply capture it with an automation (when status changes, set date to today). They can always modify the date, if needed.

Hey! Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile:
Actually we want to have just month’s set (instead of just a general date)
I was thinking of creating a dropdown column with months - but then I want a status to change after I place a month (instead of when status changes)
Is that even an option?

If I understand you correctly, yes. You can have a Status change when another Status changes.

Alight ill check it out tomorrow and poke back if it didn’t work :slight_smile:
Maybe ill add print screen as well

Thank you!

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