Missing Automation for changing a status column

Hello everyone, I have a board with an expiration date (not deadline) that our Human Resources employee must update manually, and I have a status column that I want to automatically reflect the status of the entered date.

I was able to manage all possible status (60 days to the expiration date, 30 days to the expiration date, the expiration date arrives), except one that is when the Human Resources employee enters a renewed expiration date and I need that the status column automatically turns green (UPDATED).

There is no way to do it, because monday.com obviously does not know the renewed date until the Human Resources employee enters this date in the date column. Then, the Human Resources employee has to change the status column manually in green (and I really don’t like it at all).

So, I went in circles thinking about how to do it, until I found this automation:

Is there a short-term possibility of making this automation available to make a change of status instead of notifying people? With that I can detect when a change is made (assuming a good date is entered) and change the status to green.

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I need help with this one @Julia-monday.com
thankssss :smile:

Hey @hlopezvc - at the moment what you’re looking for isn’t available on any of the recipes but we are working on dynamic custom recipes that will be released in the coming months (or sooner!) where you’ll be able to build your own recipe sentence. This should meet the needs of what you’re looking to accomplish here.