Monday for Vehicle fleet due dates notifications (Successful use case)

Hello everyone, in this occasion im gonna tell you one of our succesful use cases. Im in charge of the implementation on my company, so i have knowledge of all the boards and his process status.

In this case, we´ll see how we control and report the fleet vehicle due dates. Our company provide services related to weighing systems and calibrations, so its very important to be up to date with vehicle fleet due dates.

Here in Argentina, there are 5 mainly due dates to watch, so i create a board to control them which have many functions (thanks to!).

  1. To keep all the vehicles information and due dates in one place.
  2. Notificates to the responsables the proximity to the due dates (to this i define three possible status, 60 days to due date, 45 days to due date, and 20 days to due date).
  3. To Report to all the area managers when a due date occurred.
  4. To Digitalize all information related, so it can be avaliable to download from everywhere.

So, we have a board with the vehicles information, and 5 due date columns, and his 5 status columns.


Every date column have a document column to upload in PDF format.


One administrative employee do the updates to the board, for the rest is read only.-
Each vehicle have a responsable or more than one, they will be notified in all cases.
The area director and quality control employees are subscribed too, they will be notified only when a due date occur.

At the end, we have automations that changes all column status automatically when due dates are updated. And we use automations for all notifications cases. The only thing i would ask to is to control automations for many similar columns at one time, in this case i have to configure 9 automations for each column, so for 5 columns i use 45 automations (take this as a suggest feature!!!). I have another similar board in creation but for the employees due dates that have 19 due date columns to look at!!! (imagine that, 171 automations!!!).


Every notification has his personalized text to show what we need to report.

Thats all people, hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Hi there @hlopezvc - this is a really powerful board all on its own, but the triple automated notifications really make the board come alive!! This is a really impressive board, thank you for sharing it with everyone.

I also like your suggestion on the “apply this automation to X columns”, that’s a good suggestion. Sort of like a batch action for automations applications. Love it!

Thanks again.


Thanks Kacey!!!
I hope this is useful for those who need it.

It will certainly be useful for folks with many different applications! I look forward to sending people to this post for inspiration.

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Agree! :grinning:
This would be such a help, as right now, we are manually building the same automation on several columns manually and it gets a little tedious.