Daily summary of due tasks

Hi! Is there a way to send an automated summarized list of due tasks? I have a deadline column and action item columns. I need help! Thank you!


I have built such a solution with Make.com DM me for more info.

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Do you mean an email of all the due tasks with the due date and action items?

This is possible with Make.com, and I’d be happy to help if you’d like.

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Hi Chaya,

Could you please help me create this email automation? Thank you.

Sure, I sent you a message to schedule a quick call to review.

Hi Chaya! Are you able to help me with this?

Can you try to respond d to her

Sure, send us an email at info@skive.co

Hey @Carla22

We developed an app called Board Report Automations that allows generating advanced reports. These reports are built based on monday.com docs so you can export them PDF, collaborate, comment and more.

Here’s how you can utilize it in this case →

There’s a bunch of other reports for other user cases of course.
You can find it in the monday.com marketplace within the platform or here - monday.com: Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!