Vehicle Maintenance Tracking - Need Help!


I’m trying to figure out how best to create a vehicle maintenance log for a fleet of trucks. We need to track items such as oil changes and other maintenance at different time increments.

For example, we need to change the oil in vehicles every month. So, I need to set up a board that notifies a staff member every month to change the oil in vehicles. I would also like the staff member to be able to edit the status to complete once he completes the task. That way, if the task is still pending, he can continue to be notified. Also, once the task is complete, is there any way to create an additional item with a new due date, 30 days after the completion date?

I am wondering what automation I would use, or if anyone has any suggestions on how best to compile such a board? I suspect I will need to create different boards for different maintenance tasks that need to be completed in different amounts of time. For example, a board for oil changes every month, and a different board for brake checks every 3 months.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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hello , maybe my post may help you.

the most important thing about maintenance tracking is kilometers or miles tracking for each kind of maintenance. that´s why we need to have CUSTOM automations to define logical questions on numbers or formula columns to know if we reach some specific value, do something, notify someone, etc…

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Thank you! This is very helpful! Were you able to set up the maintenance notifications automatically based on mileage? Or did somebody have to keep checking and logging the mileage?

if people doesnt put online CUSTOM automations, you dont have how to do notifications or change status columns based on numbers or formula columns, sorry

@kerri Hello i was thinking about an idea to do this parcially, do you have figured out something else?
If not we can discuss it here and hope and other guys could collaborate and help us to achieve that goal…