Creating a status column that also requires an expiry date to be set

Hi, is there existing functionality or a method that only allows a status only to be set if an accompanying expiry date is also set?

I am trying to build a board that has a status column with a label “waiting for customer feedback” with an accompanying “follow up date”. It would be really nice if the “waiting status” could only be set when a date was also set. I have had the case where a couple of jobs haven’t been followed up because a follow up date wasn’t set.


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Hey @daddyshark! Welcome to the community, and thanks for posting!

There’s no way to restrict editing of columns—in this case a status column—based on whether another column is filled out.

That being said, I wonder if this automation could help:


If the follow up date is always a certain amount of time after you select “waiting for customer feedback” e.g. 7 days after you haven’t heard anything you should follow up, this automation could be useful. It would automatically populate a date as well so that you could get reminders and make sure there’s follow up. What do you think?

Thanks for the reply! I did think of that, but the boss is dead keen on a “forced date entry”. Customer replies could be required the same day too. I think your idea is sound, and the closest method maybe to use the automation similar to yours, and set the “due date” to current, and then add the date deadline feature to indicate the date has expired. At least then there is an obvious visual reminder to set a date…