Dependencies for Status Column

Anyone has any workaround if there is a dependencies set with Task 1,2,3,4,5,6…
So the idea is:
Task 2 is dependent on Task 1
Task 3 is dependent on Task 2
Task 4 is dependent on Task 3
and so on…

How can we:

  1. Avoid Task 2 status column to be updated before Task 1 status is complete/done
  2. How can we alert Task 2 people that Task 1 is not completed before they can proceed to Task 2.

Imagine different people assigned to different tasks in a project that has for example 10 tasks which is dependent on each other.

Hopefully someone here understands what I am describing here. Hope to have some expert to share their insights. Thanks!

Hey @joanneteh

Unfortunately the dependency column (and monday in general) doesn’t conditionally restrict the update of columns/items based on other columns/items.
There is an automation to change status of dependent items once the predecessor is ‘Done’. Which technically accomplishes a desired outcome.

So in your example:
Task 2 is dependent on Task 1
Task 3 is dependent on Task 2
Task 4 is dependent on Task 3

in your status column have (at least) 3 values:
Not Ready

So Task 1 is in ‘Ready’ and all other tasks are ‘Not Ready’
Then when Task 1 moves to ‘Done’ the dependency automation will move Task 2 status to ‘Ready’ Add another automation to notify owner when status changes to ‘Ready’.
Then when Task 2 moves to ‘Done’ Task 3 gets set to ready and so on.

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 9.26.24 AM

I believe this solution technically accomplishes both your asks. Albeit in a round about way AND a person could still start on a dependent task and change it if the previous wasn’t done. Although it should be abundantly clear if the status is ‘Not Ready’ that they shouldn’t start.

Hope that helps and let me know if that works out for you!

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Thanks @timlittletech for replying me and giving me such details.
Sadly it does not help to ensure Task 2 is updated without Task 1 being completed/done. Or give a warning when Task 2 is being updated when Task 1 still not complete/done.
The suggestion you gave is for Task 1 to make changes to Task 2. So Task can only begin when the predecessor tasks are completed.

@joanneteh @timlittletech

This is an interesting use case. If the board permissions were set so that users could only update assigned items, it would be possible to make the assignment dependant on the preceding item and therefore control change authorization:

However, I can’t think of a way using standard or custom automation recipes to make these assignments to dependant items. It could be done easily with Integromat or similar.

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Thanks @JCorrell for sharing. I suppose is unable to achieve what I need at the moment and an additional API integration will be needed for now.

I too am having a similar issue.
Our teams consistently do everything out of order according to the timeline/ dependency.
An automation changes the Dependency to Ready to Start when the Status changes to Done for a task.
The issue is that as things are done out of order, anything which has already got the status of Done, changes to Ready to Start.

If anyone has a solution around this please can you help as I am really struggling.

Hi @Helen1988 there is an automation for changes Dependency to Ready to Start when the Status changes to Done for a task.
Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 11.09.44 AM

But it only works this way, not the other way around that I wanted.
Hope the above automation is something that helps you!

Yes, this is what I have on my board. The issue is that everyone in our business doesn’t do anything in order, so changes a status to Done even though the Dependency hasn’t been done. So when the Dependency changes to Done, this automation above changes all the already Done status’ to Ready to Start.

Hope that makes sense!