Dependency task status automation

I need an automation for dependencies task status. Does anyone know what the automation recipe is for the following scenario?:
Line Item 1 task status is changed to ‘done’. Line Item 2 task is dependent on Line Item 1 being completed. When Line Item 1 task status changes to ‘done’ Line Item 2 task status automatically changes to ‘working on it’.

Hi @janelegall !

Yes! You will want to use the pre-made automation within the dependency category:

Hope this helps!

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Has anyone else had a problem with this? If our tasks go out of order at all it will take a completed dependency and move it back to “in progress”. It is a problem.
I need an “if only” option.
If a status changes to “complete”, and only if the dependency status is “not started”, change the status of its dependency to “in progress”.

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Has anyone come back to you on this one?

I sent a chat request, and missed the email reply where they are looking for more information. Here is what I sent:
Task #1:
“Create map of sales area”

Automation: when status changes to complete change the status of its dependency to in progress.

Task #2: Dependency Item:
“Sell 5 homes”
When we are done we mark task #2 as complete.

But one day we find out that we need to remap the sales area. So we need to put task #1 back in progress. (And the project owner doesn’t want a new task) When we are done again, we change the status to complete

The automation takes Task #2 from complete and puts it back to “in progress” which is not true and is causing problems because it notifies people who have completed their task that it is back in progress.

So if I had one more option in the custom automations:

If a status changes to complete and only if the dependency is not started then change the dependent item to “in progress”

This would avoid changing dependency tasks that are completed, or done or on hold.