Feature Request: Dependency Automation - Status Complete, Notify Next Task Owner

All current dependency automations help with changing dates but it’d be great to have a trigger notification functionality with people. For example, if I use the dependency link to say task 1 has to happen before task 2 it’d be great to have an automation that says: If the status of task 1 is complete, notify owner of task 2.

This would help automate tasks with in a project that must be done in a certain order get done more efficiently. You would no longer have to depend on the owners of the tasks to notify each other of its status or expect them to check the board frequently for status updates.

Thank you!

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I would love this. Dependent tasks would be a great addition to Monday. Especially is subtasks are a while away.

Hi @Shelby and @cfraticelli! I agree this would be an awesome addition. We are working on the quality of our dependencies but this is definitely something our product team is considering adding as a next step to dependencies on the platform. We appreciate the feedback and hope to see this implemented down the road! Cheers!

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There is a workaround that you can follow to accomplish your needs by configuring 2 automations on your board. The first one to update the status of the dependent task when the task is done and the second by notifying the responsable for the dependent task whenever the status of its task has changed to something like ‘Ready to go’. I have printed a sample board with this configuration set. Hope this approach helps you.


Oh wow. That’s brilliant, thank you!

This is great!! Thank you!