Click and drag multiple items within the same group

Please can you add the ability to batch select multiple items and then drag them to a different position within the same group? Or is this possible already and I’m not doing it right? At the moment, I have to move items within groups one by one.

Hi @KevinOBrien there is a way to move multiple selected items, although I agree with you the drag and drop is not intuitive, e.g. it should move all but only moves 1.

but the way to move multiple items between groups is clicking the ‘Move to’ in the little ribbon that appears at bottom of screen. and then click ‘move to group’ and select the group you’d like to move those items to.

Many thanks, Tim. I’m talking about moving multiple items within a group, though. Say you’ve got a group with 20 items in it, and you add 5 more (either at the top or the bottom) and you want to move them to the middle of the same group in one go. I don’t think there’s a way of doing that?

Yes, I found that odd too. Click to select multiple items but only the individual item your mouse is hovering over will move - not all the ticked items as I would expect. Very unconventional.

I see, I guess I read your post too hastily. Ya, sort is the only other good way it seems for rearranging items within groups.