Drag and drop subitems

Hi there, you don’t ask for our email addresses or to log in, so I can’t see if this got submitted earlier or not. We need to be able to drag subitems from one group to an item in another - not just select via … menu. Is this possible? Thank you.

To work intuitively Id appreciate the feature to drag and drop one or multiple subitems across tasks.
Atm its quite cumbersome with the right-click and move feature. TY!

I also vote for this feature!
Is this somewhere in the road map?

We have a use case where being able to drag a subitem from an item in one group to an item in another group would allow us to fully use a mirror column to add and subtract quantities of items for estimation. We currently have to use the three dot menu, and this is too cumbersome for our customer.

It takes so much time and workarounds sometimes to find the right item to move sub items too (we have a lot of same names of items in a board).
Drag & drop option that also convert automatically when the sub item going under an item will improve the flow tremendously.