Transfer subitems between boards

Hello! I would like to check in on where the Monday team is at with allowing subitems to be transferred between boards. It’s been a huge time suck to not be able to move a group to another board without losing the subitems. Any update on this feature becoming a reality?

Our team stopped using subitems because it’s more of a time suck than efficiency gain when they can’t be transferred between boards. I’d like to know the timeline for allowing subitems to be transferred across boards so I can plan accordingly and find necessary alternatives if it will be more than a couple months before this will be an option.

Thanks so much for all y’all are working on! We have seen tremendous improvements in functionality over the past year, but this would be such a massive gain if it can be implemented in the near future.

FYI this is on the subitems product roadmap for Q2: Subitems Product Plan


According to the Subitems Product Plan: Q2 2021 and its “Up Next” for subitem development.


Great to know about that thanks so much!

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