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Hi, i’d like to be able to share links with clients for them to raise support requests, or request an engineering visit. All the visits get logged as a ticket, but the data about the site is added to the ticket based on who sent the request in. My clients arent necessarily going to want to do a lot of leg work if they have an issue, rather than them emailing us or calling up, i would like there to be a QR code on the physical kit they rent from us that says ‘Have a problem, scan this’. I want to produce one of these for each customers, so when they follow the link they just tell us about the problem and it gets added as a ticket, with their unique identifer on there too. They wont necessaily know their unique ID and if we ask them to add a site name, we will probably end up with inconsistent data. Any ideas?? Thanks

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This definitely sounds like an interesting workflow.
In terms of creating a way for clients to raise support requests, the easiest way to do this would be to create a form - The Forms
You can easily create a QR code that will link to the URL for this form for your customers - How to Create a QR Code in 2 Different Ways

They can then fill out the form with their problem, which will automatically be added to the respective board as a new item on the board.
That said, as each form submission will be created as a new item on the board. If you were to use the native functionality to assign an ID this will do so on an item by item basis, which in your case wouldn’t help to easily identify requests logged by the same client.

At the moment it would likely be easiest to have them add their site name, and you can then use the search or filter functionalities to find all the requests related to them. In order to avoid inconsistent data, you can add a description above the site name field to specific exactly how the user should fill this out.

Could this work for you?



HI Dani,

Thanks for your reply. I think ultimately there is probably no way to achieve what I would like, so will probably just go down the original route which is a single link. Unless I create a separate board for each site, which is possible I guess. Am I limited to the number of boards I can create on a Pro plan?


Hey @tom_edwards21! There is no board limit enforced on any of our plans, you’re free to create as many boards as you’d like :slight_smile: