Collapsable/Date Ordered Updates Feature Request

Is there a way to organize the updates in chronological/reverse chronological order? Or to collapse some of the updates that have long threads?


Without a picture of your layout, it is hard to tell.
You can organize columns but the date column. I would add an automation if needed to add a start or archive date any time an item is added and use that column to chronologically arrange your items with the small arrows at the top of each column. You can also set a permanent board view using the sort function and a date column and saving that view.

I should add, if it is a column you dont actually want or need to see you can collapse it, using the 3 little dots at the top of the column.

Thanks for the recommendation, Amanda! I’m a bit new here. My question is specifically for the updates feature. See attached photo.

My apologies, If you filter the bell notification tab at the top to all, they are in chronological order, read or unread.
another option is to change from notifications to emails and organize them there. you can also add a people column and assign yourself so these notifications show up in your inbox vs just the bell notifications.

The request is specifically for the updates tab of a specific item.
currently, the order is descending. so new updates are at the top.
but replies to an update are ascending. so if users want to read updates by order the have to ‘zigzag’ up and down.
we need to be able to sort all posts chronologically. jest like in this forum.