Keeping a group of items in the right order

Hello all!

We’re just in the starting phases of rolling out Monday and are working out the best ways to do things. We operate with high and low level boards, which means our project process templates are listed as items in Groups. We have an own view that shows these templates to filter them out.

We’ve set these up to ensure they’re in somewhat chronological, but this is an issue when ‘sort’ is clicked. To avoid this, we’re looking at adding numbers in front of every task to ensure it won’t mess up the order. I wanted to check if anyone had other solutions and ways around this at all?

Thank you! :smile:

Hey @Mariolsen.

I hear where you’re coming from here. I wonder if you could utilise column permissions in this instance and set restrictions on who can edit the column. I mention this as if permissions are set (specifically editing restrictions) the sort cannot be saved. You could also utilise The Auto Number Column to set the chronological order and then set the permissions on this column.

Let me know your thoughts!

Hi Bianca!

Thanks so much for the reply! We did explore this option, but found that it still moved the items. I suspect it might be something we’ve done for that, but the order got jumbled up again quite quickly. We’ll do some further testing trying this though, as it does sound like this would solve our problem :smiley:

Thanks again!

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No problem! Do let me know how you go and if you run into any issues - always happy to help :pray: