Collapse multiple columns at once / Uncollapse all columns at once

I think it would be wonderful if there was a checkbox above each column or highlight-ability like Excel, to be able to collapse multiple columns at once in bulk, and vice versa to unhide all hidden columns at once.

Hi @cwiassoc, Andrew,

As a workaroud, you can make different views where each view shows / hides some columns. You can then easily switch between views.

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I may be doing it incorrectly, but I created a new view and then collapsed the columns I wanted to. When I switched back to my Main Table, the columns remained collapsed.

Hi @cwiassoc

Probably my misunderstandig, you are right about collapsed columns. My earlier reply was based on hidden columns (they will stay with the view)

I just discovered how to implement your suggestion, and this works for me. Thank you for the great workaround!