Customizable Column Visibility in Main Table View

Hello community,

I propose an enhancement for board column management. Many of us use numerous columns for automation and data tracking, but not all columns need to be visible at all times. Currently, to hide columns, we need to create a new view, which doesn’t fully address the need for a cleaner main table view.

I suggest introducing a feature that allows users to toggle the visibility of specific columns directly in the main table view. This way, we can hide columns that are only relevant for automation purposes, without the need to create an alternative table view. This feature would offer a more streamlined and customizable user experience, making our boards cleaner and more focused on the essential data we need to see daily.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts and whether you find this feature beneficial for your workflow.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.


A feature similar to this does actually exist! You can collapse certain columns by clicking on the column settings and hitting collapse! I’ve found it stays this way even between toggling through boards!

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 3.16.03 PM

True, but still shown in a small way and not completely gone.
It doesn’t look very nice to the eye and can get in the way if you have several such columns that you need to collapse.

Hey Yonatan,

Any reason why you aren’t using the Hide Columns feature? You can choose to hide columns, that way only Admins/people explicitly mentioned will be able to see the column

You can simply click on column settings and choose to „Hide column“