For Views that have hidden columns, default it so newly added columns are automatically hidden for those Views

Views are great in Monday — mostly.

One problem I’m having and don’t see a solution for is that adding new columns shows up on all of the views. I have boards with 10 or more view tabs and when I add a column to one (or to the Main Table), that new column gets appended to all of the other views as being visible. Not all views necessarily need to see that new column, so it becomes a pain to keep cleaning up my existing Views. This has really reared its ugly head with regards to using the Baseline feature, since it adds a couple of columns when it’s used (and no one but me in the org cares about the baselines!).

The suggestion is that the default for Views (which already have at least one hidden column) should be that new columns added after the fact should default to hidden — or at the very least, each View should have an option to see whether the newly added columns are visible or not. For myself and my team, once we create a view, we don’t really care about most new columns. It’s easier for us to just go up and unhide a column on a specific View if we need it than it is to go through 10+ views hiding columns.

I 100% agree with this! It’s super annoying that new columns get added to all views.

For me, I often create a board, create some views, but then need to go back to the board and add columns (as we iterate on the board design), but then it adds it to all of the views, so I need to go and fix each view. Very frustrating.

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wholeheartedly agree, this issue makes keeping up with ‘finished’ views a complete nightmare and makes up for all of the ‘time’ that I should be saving by using Monday

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Totally support this request.

I lose so much time frequently by just having to go through the boards to save the views on each and every one of them.

An option to decide “only show this in this particular view” or “show in all views” would be highly appreciated!


This is sooooo necessary. You get one view all set just the way you want it and then boom! Here comes a bunch of columns you don’t want and so you feel like you are never truly done with one view until your entire system is set (which will never be done as we always need to add things).

For anyone having to coordinate portfolio views, whereby you’re connecting many many columns across templated low level boards, this is a serious functionality draw back which is costing me hours of time. Rage inducing admin that could be easily avoided with a functionality tweak - please implement! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Olala ! Mais oui !! Please

Totally agree with this - you hide views for a reason. What’s annoying is that Monday champions using views yet simple functionality like this and the reordering of views we see no progress on.

This seems to be implemented now :slight_smile:
new columns hidden from view

how can I activate it?