One column I hide keeps coming back

Hey, there is a column I hide in my view all the time, and EVERY time I refresh, it comes back. Is it a bug, or is there any way to solve it?? Thanks a lot!

the question you mentioned is a common issue with There are a few possible reasons why a hidden column keeps coming back after refreshing the view.

If the column is being used in a formula or automation, it will be unhidden automatically so that the formula or automation can work properly.

If the column is being shared with other users, they may have the ability to unhide it.

If the column is being used in a saved filter, the filter will unhide the column when it is applied.

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When you hide a column in an existing view, don’t forget to “save” the view or your change will vanish on the next refresh.


I believe OP was referring to column hiding in a view, not the column visibility permission. I suspect it is just a matter of not “saving” the view after changing if a column is hidden or not.