Hidden Columns in Forms

We use forms to generate content on Monday boards. Some times we do not want the information entered to be visible once the form is submitted. If we hide the column though it disappears from the form. I would love the ability to hide a column so that only board owners can see the information but still have that column appear on the form so information can be added.

Thank you for the article, but it wasn’t at all what I was asking. I will try to be more clear this time. We have noticed when we hide a column from everyone but the board owners,
Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 7.45.59 AM
that the question related to that column on the form disappears. You can see in the picture below that there is an empty gap where the question should be. If you unhide the column the question will reappear.

There are times when we want to ask questions that perhaps finance or hr needs to know related to an item but we do not want everyone who can view the board to see that information. I would like to be able to hide a column from all but board owners without disappearing from the form. There is already an option to hide a question so it doesn’t make sense that it would have to disappear from the from automatically.

I think this might either be a bug report or a feature request.

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Hey @betsym! I hear what you’re saying here. At this time, I am afraid you’d need to hide or set column permissions on the specific column once the form has been submitted as otherwise (as you’ve come to notice) the column will disappear from the form. I will inform the relevant team of your feedback :pray:

So they only way around this is to move submitted items from a form to a different board and then set permissions? Seems like such a waste of movement.

I don’t think you’d need to move these items from the board once the form has been submitted unless this is part of your workflow? If the goal is to only have specific information display for specific people once the form is submitted, you’d need to set these permissions after the form is submitted. Alternatively, if you’re on the Enterprise plan you could set item viewing permission in the board and have the relevant people assigned once the item is submitted. Let me know if this makes sense!

We have forms that are in continual use that people may submit sensitive information to. We need to question in the form but not visible to everyone with board access.

I think mw01 is right in that a work around may be to have items move automatically to a new board once submitted. Not ideal but its a decent option until the Monday engineers can fix it.

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This seems like a big flaw. If anyone wanted to hide something from the form they can simply hide it in the form view. I can’t think of any good reason for forcing the column to also be hidden from the Form. We have the same problem, as we are looking to have a file submitted by anyone, but that file only be visible to some.

+1 for this feature request, Why such crucial feature is not there in Monday