Hidden Column Automation

Why is it that we are not able to use hidden columns with automations? We are able to use locked columns. Is there any way to get this ability?


Hi @Miltime19 - can you give us some more information about your specific use case so we can understand better which capabilities you’re looking to have in terms of automations on hidden columns?

Sure. I would like to be able to trigger an automation “ when column changes, do this” I use this a lot however I also use the hidden column in order to keep people seeing only what’s relevant to them without a bunch of data that they don’t need. This also helps limit the amount of different boards needed. The problem is we send out lots of alerts when things happen and that requires the use of hidden columns. Not being able to select a hidden column for a trigger makes things hard. The weird thing is that I can reference a hidden column in the notify but I can’t select it as a main function.


Hey @Miltime19

I think your use-case does actually show the need to include the hidden column for the automation trigger. However, I think the challenge would be to exclude the the option to pick the hidden columns when setting up an automation for those restricted from viewing it in the first place. :no_entry:
I’d love to discuss this possibility with our product team and I would appreciate it if you could give me more of the use-cases that could help me prove the point :slight_smile:


Hi all!

I was just looking to ask a similar question and came across this.
In my case, I have a set list of agenda items I go over with my staff in a weekly basis, and I don’t want to duplicate the group because I would not be able to quantify the number columns, instead I’ll add columns labeled with the Week date we met and in the rows we have numbers. So I have to collapse columns to only keep the 2 most relevant. I know the topic you are describing is about hiding columns, but perhaps the dev team can look at an automation that collapses columns as an alternative. I envision the collapse column settings to be something like 'collapse all columns to the (left/right) with the exception of the (first/last) (first/second/third/fourth) columns.

@Miltime19 I could really use a fix for this as well. Our main board has 55 columns. Each department working on the board only needs to see some of those columns. The best solution is to hide most of the columns and only allow access to whoever needs to see the column, As a result of this an automation does not work for any of the hidden columns (which are the majority of columns). This is a major pain point that we could really use a fix for.

Hey @Qassam-monday.com - I realize the difficulty is excluding the option to pick the hidden columns but wouldn’t those restricted just be seeing the column names? I can’t speak for others but I wouldn’t have an issue with the name of the column being seen. I care more so about them not having access to the information stored within the column.

Even better, what about considering the possibility of a permission setting that allows Automations to only be accessed at a board-owner level of permission? I don’t really want employees to have access to create, edit or delete Automations anyway. Imagine setting up a workflow for employees where certain items go to certain groups, certain people are notified when a column value changes, etc. Now imagine an employee, with good or bad intentions, deletes, edits, or adds an automation and impacts the whole company workflow as a result. When I think of it like that, it’s hard to think better restriction of Automations isn’t already available.

Hi Jordan!

Thanks for writing that out, I think you’re onto something with the permissions on automations and the ability to choose hidden columns. We’ve taken this feedback to our product team as they work to support more columns (mirror, formula etc on the way…)! If you have any other ideas for automations, feel free to keep 'em coming!


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Are you saying that if a column is hidden the automation will not work?

Yes, but not hidden as in collapsed. Hidden as in the view is restricted from the user.

Awesome! Thanks for listening to our ideas. One of the many reasons this product is so great!

Hi - just wanting to chime in and say this is also something that would be essential to my workflow - we are currently managing a huge project across multiple boards, all of which have external project stakeholders on as guests. We have many columns hidden from them but my boards’ productivity is really impacted by not being able to automate all my hidden columns.

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Including hidden columns to automations, could be helpful for our workflow too. Some columns simply aren’t relevant to see for everyone. Still they need to be used as a trigger for possibly everyone.

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