Color names when hovering for color blind people

It would be really great if hovering over a color in Monday’s color pickers would show the color name.
This feature exists in many products and is tremendously helpful for color blind people like me :slight_smile:
Thank you!


I would find this helpful too - I don’t have a great short-term memory, so sometimes when I’m trying to make a few columns with matching colors I forget exactly which shade I used. Being able to name them precisely (or at least having the colors organized in a way that made sense) would help cut down on double-checking that I used the proper shade of light blue.

It’s much easier to remember specifics like “periwinkle” or “second one on third row” than “one of the lighter shades, I think it was on the right side of the pallet, unless it wrapped when I changed another color.”


This is something I’m really struggling with as a color blind person. It’s ok when it’s just you, but it’s especially difficult when working in a team as I find it hard to follow when people are referring to color status, or ask me to setup new colors etc.


Please Add this!!! The struggle is real


This is incredible crucial!

As soon as I created a account, this is the first feature I looked for. Glad I’m not the only one struggling with this one. Colorblindness affects 1 in 12 men, so this would be very helpful for a lot of users!

Better UI for everyone (including colorblind) would be a color grid.

  1. ROY G BIV + Black/Gray/White columns going side to side.
  2. light => dark gradient rows going up and down.

Since this is a project management tool, colors should often have meaning. Make it easier for everyone to pick out meaningful colors with a color grid.

For example, Google Docs uses this color grid. It also has a very helpful onhover color name that several other folks have mentioned previously.

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This a minimum, but ideally, just give the option to toggle colors on/off. The colors are a problem for members of my team, and even though I see colors, the contrast with the light colors is ridiculous, and it’s a drag having to change the color on everything you create. I would cease using this tool for the colors alone, if my organization didn’t mandate it.

I am also colorblind, and this is a much needed feature. I submitted a feature request for this today, then came out here and noticed it’s been discussed for over a year with no action. Not even a reply from staff, which is disheartening, especially for an accessibility issue which affects 8 - 9% of the population.

I’m not color blind but this would be a great addition. I have multiple boards that use the same status columns and keeping the colors synced between boards is a huge pain. We move items between boards and if the colors are different on a status, even though the status wording is the same, the status will not transfer.

Bumping this as well. When transferring an item to another board, the system matches the colors, not the text input.

The problem is that the color of each status label is only shown when creating the initial status label, there is no way to check the color name once a status label is created. This makes it unusable as a colorblind person. I have to ask a colleague for help when designing my boards and it’s tricky even for them!