Full Color Customization

I would be incredibly helpful if all colors were customizable. From everything from headers and calendar events, to the calendar weeks and days. A setting for a color-blind palette is also essential, I’m honestly shocked it doesn’t exist already. One of our team members has a very difficult time seeing the calendar colors, which is frustrating that we cannot change it to what he can see.

Color-Blind accessibility in some form or fashion is an accessibility must-have for a service as focused on UI as Monday is. I second this request for this feature, and agree if not having some presets baked in, at least allowing users to be able to tune to their own preference or visibility.

I agree that this feature is of much greater importance to users than it’s being given.

The limited amount of label colors is a big disappointment. Users need to create custom colours through a simple RGB/HEX code picker/input, similar to the already existing “Color Picker” column feature.

Custom colours need to be saved as a master colour and be accessible for all users and all functions so users don’t have to create the same colour across different functions within the account.

We don’t need more colours, we need control over the colours we can create ourselves. Please make this a priority.

Ability to customize color selections from a color scale to provide access to multiple shades beyond what is currently available.