Column change trigger does not activate on people when someone is removed

The following recipe does not create an update when someone is removed from the Person column:

Hey @JCorrell!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ve relayed this internally with our Autopilot team and will report back on expected behaviour as soon as I hear back :+1:

The column change trigger is a feature that allows users to be notified when changes are made in the columns of their data. However, it does not activate on people when someone is removed from the list. This can cause confusion for some users as they may expect to receive notifications even if someone has been taken off the list. To avoid this issue, it’s important to understand how the column change trigger works and what type of changes will actually trigger an alert.

Hi @JCorrell and @josephmack,

I have had confirmation from our developers that this is indeed a bug that they’re aware of. That being said, whilst this is on their radar, in full transparency they’re working through a bit of a bugs backlog at this time addressing some higher severity bugs so I am unable to provide confirmation of a fix ETA - I will share information with you once it’s shared with me - thanks in advance for your understanding of this :pray:

Hi @BiancaT , do you have any update on this?

Checking on it for you!

Thanks for your patience Roberto!

At this stage, this bug still remains on our backlog as the team are still prioritising higher severity bugs in the platform. I recognise this isn’t the answer you were hoping for and I apologise for the setback. Thank you in advance for your understanding of the situation here :pray:

This is really quite essential, I hope it is addressed in short order. I have a critical workflow that triggers off changes to a Person column and this bug leads to data misrepresentation.

Hi Bianca,

Do you have any update regarding this bug?

It’s been 6 months since your last update.


Any updates on this bug please ?

Last I heard its on their list but not high-priority. The problem is that the “when person assigned” trigger is just a rename of the “when column changes” trigger, and the filtering to only trigger on assigning is baked in there. They can’t fix this without also breaking “when person is assigned”.