Combining multiple people columns on X-Axis


When a sale occurs in our business, we often have a split in commission between 2 parties.

Each line item on the board refers to a Sale with a Total € Amount, a Lead (Person), Sourcer (Person) and then two € columns referring to the split in commission amount per person.

We would like to visualize the following on a chart:

X-axis = People
Y-axis = € amounts per person earner
(then filter by date column, e.g. in the last Month)

So the chart would need the cumulative (all line items on board) amount Person A, B, C (x-axis) etc has earned in commission. i.e. IF Lead = Person A, then apply amount from Lead € column to that person.

Hopefully explained clearly!
Open to remapping the board to facilitate or using any marketplace apps - thanks for any help in advance.