Commercial flooring company needs Monday Help

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My name is Roy. We are a commercial/industrial flooring company that needs help with getting Monday set up to work efficiently and effectively. We need to be able to have a main board that creates workflow with other departments and is effective. We take work from the bid process to job awarded, to project management and to accounting teams. Each awarded job has project specific steps and follow ups that need to happen and notification protocols.
While I don’t think this is a terribly complex project, it is definitely beyond our ability and free time to learn how to do this.
Please reach out to me if you are interested in visiting about our needs. We are in Georgia and S.C. Ultimately, we need this to be functioning relatively soon. Please contact via email and we can go from there. This is something we need to get rolling on quickly.
Thank you!!


Hey @Rbarker! This sounds pretty similar to a few systems our team has built and implemented recently, so I’m sure we’d be able to help you out.

Sounds like you want to get moving, so feel free to schedule a time with our team this week to dive deeper into exactly what you’re looking for.

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I am sure our team at can help you out! At we’re an Official and Authorized monday partner with over 5 years of individual experience on the platform and extensive experience in designing and implementing customized monday solutions that are tailored to each business’ goals.

Our team of experts is has a lot of experience working on projects like these, and I know we can help quickly deliver this implementation to you.

Please do schedule a Free Consulting Session with us here so we can get started as quickly as possible!

Alternatively, if none of the available time slots work out for you, please contact us at so we can do our best to accommodate you.

I sincerely hope our services can be of use to you!

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Just sent an email as requested!

My name is Peta, and I’m a Services Consultant at upstream, so the right person to engage with in the first instance and get the ball rolling on answering your questions.

There are a number of ways in which we’re able to support you, so best first step is me getting to understand your processes and requirements in better detail, so I can make some recommendations and help you understand what is possible and what is available to you.

Please use the below link to schedule a time we can connect and discuss.

meet with upstream

We’re Platinum Partners, Preferred Partners and are a multi award-winning team, having most recently been awarded Professional Services Partner of the Year again, this time for 2022/2023. We also have a full stack custom development team in house, who have built several integrations currently available on the app Marketplace, such as the Xero integration, Clockify integration and the Public Files App to name a few - we will be able to assist with connecting other platforms if required.

The entire engagement is non-obligatory, and you won’t be charged for any scoping sessions or demonstrations that are built for you within our time together. I will be able to walk you through our pricing structure and what you can expect from partnering with upstream.

Let me know if you have any questions ahead of our meeting, or if there is any further information you feel would be relevant to know before getting started. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Hi @Rbarker

I am a certified consultant and would like to connect to understand your use case in a better way and suggest you the best possible solution.

You can reach out to me at

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Aquib Zafar

Hey @Rbarker! is a great place to begin with board creation! There are a number of pre-designed and fully modifiable templates that you can choose from wherever you want to build a new board in your account. By creating boards for bid, project management, and accounting, makes workflow automation easier and highly efficient. Another key benefit is that all the boards can be viewed and organized from a single interface and make changes to it anytime.

If you’re looking to build customizable boards using, teaming up with a reputable consulting company is the right choice. Their dedicated experts can build boards that align with your business objectives and avoid delays and redundant costs.