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Hello. Other CRM has automatic integration to a company register database included in the Monthly fee. We can look up any company in Denmark and access their company data (Name, VAT number, Address, Contact information, Legal form, Establishment date, Industry code, Ownership structure, Tax information, Bank details, Audit etc.). This is very helpful for many reasons. We can check if the company is a financial solid company.

Maybe someone has come across similar databases for Denmark and their integrations into the Monday CRM?

Hi @Brian_Douglas :wave:

I haven’t seen anything that would directly integrate and is already made. It is most likely that development will be required to build the integration and connect it to your account.

Do you have API documentation for the Denmark Database you refer to?
Our team can take a look if you’re interested in that path.

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Hi @Brian_Douglas

We have build an app in the monday Marketplace which allows you to verify and retrieve some data using the VAT Number of a company. We support all EU countries so Denmark is included.

You can view a short video on how it works and how to set it up here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reachout!



Hey @Brian_Douglas

So far, there is no one-size-fits-all solution available for database integration. However, you can build a custom integration in for connecting and retrieving external databases. We are a reputable services provider, offering dedicated consultants for hire. These experts can help you create a custom integration that simplifies the process of accessing and processing database information through an enterprise’s VAT number.

If you would like to get more clarity regarding custom integration, please reach out to our consultants today!