New here, connecting boards and updating

Hi, I’m new with Monday and testing out if it will work for my business. I have a few questions.

  1. Are there any api templates to help pull information in from another website? The service gives me all the api codes but it I’m not very good at understanding them and looking for template.

  2. Assuming I can’t get api working which I probably won’t.

Example: I have one board with all my unit numbers, dates and client information in three columns. Second board with only unit numbers and dates in two columns. I want to be able to update the dates on the second board then have it also update all the dates on the first board. Can do I do that? I tried the lookup from the marketplace because I really wanted board one to look up the unit number and find the expiration date on the second board. I could not get it to work.

  1. Are there any automations that would allow me to keep two columns synced on two different boards?
    The main goal is keeping my unit numbers dates up to date without having to upload and do an overwrite my main board without a lot of contact information.

BTW: No zapier and like services are not an option due to reasons I can’t go into.
Thank you

Hi @Kimbersh :wave:

Welcome to the monday community! What you’re describing sounds like it may be possible - we have a full stack development team but also integration specialists and will be able to help you with a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve in your workspace.

Feel free to shoot me an email via or you can book in a quick discovery call with me here

Cheers, Peta