Auto Populate Based on T/F column value

I need to find a way to mirror contact info from one board to another, where the contact board is acting as a database with multiple values depending on the clients’ interests.

For example, if in my contact board I check the box marked “Sports” on multiple clients, I want to be able to generate a simple progress/sales tracking board that populates with only contacts that have the “Sports” box marked. That way, as I move through publications I can pull all my clients that are interested in sports, or arts, or community, or charity events, etc. and have a significant starting point when prioritizing calls.

I know this must have an absurdly simple solution but I just can’t find it.

Hey @bosqpub :wave:

That’s a great use case! I noticed you created the topic in the Developers section, and it seems like your question is not about using the API, creating a or using no/low-code platforms like Integromat or Zapier. Since that’s the case, I moved it to the Workflows section as I think this would be more relevant there.

Perhaps using a Status column might make sense here, where you could set a primary interst for your contact. In that case, you could create automations that would crate an item in another board, and then connect them back to the original item:

Otherwise, I would recommend looking into the following pre-made automations that also connect items from a different board, based on your input:

What do you think? Let me know.