Automatically populating a board

I’m using to organize contacts. I have a main board with all my contacts. I want to create another board to view contacts who meet certain criteria. I would also like to have it set up so I anyone who is on the main board and who satisfies the criteria shows up in the other board. Is this possible?

Hi @hippophobia_cheese - Definitely possible. If you can provide a bit more info… do you want to keep the information in sync between these two boards? Are you willing to share a screenshot of your contact board setup with private info blurred out, and show us which info you want on the other board, and when it should be there?

Hey @hippophobia_cheese, thanks so much for posting! Happy to help.

You have a couple of different options here. If you’re open to keeping all of the information on the same board, you can use filters extensively, and save all items with certain criteria to a new view, which will automatically pull in new items with those criteria: The board filters.

You could also “mirror” certain columns from one board to another. These mirrored columns will update automatically if the column value in the initial full contacts board is changed: The Mirror Column.

You might also think about using the dashboards and filtering widgets there to pull information from the contacts board and visualize it in different ways: The Dashboards.