Compare dates and output max

The functionality I’m after is to get a reminder after X time to re-engage with a contact.

I have two different date columns populated through email automation (last email I sent, last time they sent me one) and a formula column that compares those two columns and outputs the most recent date.

When I go to automations I can select the two date based columns for a time based automation but not the formula column even though it is a date output.

The automation I’ve got working is “X weeks after (DATE), arrives notify (someone)” but it only works for either of the date based columns.

Any ideas how to make this work?

You could have a date column LAST and two automations:
When Email Sent / Email Received changes
Then set LAST to today
and, of course,
X weeks after (LAST), arrives notify (someone)

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Thats the answer! Thank you. Knew there would be another way around doing what I was after.